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Primitive hand-cut reed flute The reed flute is made from a section of a hollow reed. I found it in the sand and carved it myself with a sharp piece of wood. This flute is quick to make and sounds great, it is also very pleasant to play. With its rudimentary side and captivating sound, it connects us with the acoustic and material reality of prehistoric flautists.

It was in the Italian nature reserve of Rimigliano in Tuscany that I found this reed and drilled the holes. This wild place is exceptional. This large pine forest is a bit like the Amazonian forest of Val di Cornia, therefore the lungs of the region. Without protected reserves, the region risks suffocation and will lose its authenticity. There will soon be no more wild coast left! Save the Rimigliano nature reserve for future generations, mthank you!

Matthew Schneider

Flute: Hand-cut hollow reed with a pointed piece of wood


Flute name: R1 (Rimigliano1)

Length: 27 cm

Diameter: 1.5 cm

Number of holes: 7

Origin of the reed and places of manufacture: beach of the Rimigliano nature reserve in Tuscany Italy (Costa degli Etruschi)

Date of manufacture: August 2011

Originally, there was... the reed which, in the wind, bent without ever breaking. Centuries later, the reed became a transverse flute. It retains the pride of its distant ancestor in its broad and bewitching sounds. And breath is always a question but it comes from the musician this time! Marcel Désiron Academy


The strange music of cut reeds. Thousands and thousands of years ago, in a field of reeds or bamboo, a storm broke hundreds of stems. They then looked like thin pipes, cut to different lengths, and open at the top. Suddenly, the wind having become calmer again, a strange music began to resonate in nature and seemed to come from the stems of cut reeds.

A prehistory of music By Frédéric Marthaler





First flauto in canna tag all hand It flauto di giunco è fatto di una sezione di un canna cavo. L'ho trovato nella sabbia e tagliato io stesso con un pezzo di bosco appuntito. That is, it is fast and quick to travel and it does not hurt, but it also moves quickly. With its rudimentary sound and its ammaliata sound, it is connette with the real acoustics and material of the flautisti of the preistoria.


It is the natural riser of Rimigliano in Toscana that offers this canna and traforati i buchi. This is an exclusive selection. This great pine tree, near the Amazonian forest of the Valle di Cornia, dunque il polmone della regione. Senza le reserve protette, la regione rischia di soffocare e loser del suo autenticità. No rimangono almost more expensive selvaggie! Save the natural rise of Rimigliano for future generations, grazie!

Matthew Schneider


“Salviamo Rimigliano” INFO+ Comitato per Campiglia:


Flauto: Canna cavo tagliato alla mano

Name of the river: R1 (Rimigliano1)

Lunghezza: 27 cm

Diameter: 1.5 cm

Book number: 7

Source of canna and manufacturing: Spiaggia della riserva naturale di Rimigliano, Costa degli Etruschi in Toscana, Italia.

Manufacturing data: August 2011


A l'origine, il y avait... le roseau qui, sous le vent, pliait sans jamais rompre. Des siècles plus tard, le roseau est devenu flûte traversière. Elle conserve la fierté de son lointain ancêtre dans ses sonorités larges et ensorcelantes. Et de souffle, il est toujours question mais il vient du musicien cette fois ! Académie Marcel Désiron


L'étrange musique des roseaux coupés. Il y a des milliers et des milliers d'années, dans un champ de roseaux ou de bambous, une tempête a cassé des centaines de tiges. Elles ressemblaient alors à de minces tuyaux, coupés à différentes longueurs, et ouverts en haut. Soudain, le vent étant redevenu plus calme, une étrange musique s'est mise à résonner dans la nature et semblait sourdre des tiges de roseaux coupés.

Une préhistoire de la musique Par Frédéric Marthaler


Ce jour-là, un type a trouvé le tube parfait et avec une plume à encre y a inscrit des idéogrammes chinois :

"Qui se gonfle d'Air"


J'en ai fait la flûte idéale pour jouer "Largo Blu" une petite pièce que j'ai écrite cet été.

octobre 2023

Largo Blu

(M. Schneider Août 2023)


Mathieu Schneider 

flûte néolithique en B

Produit et enregistré au STUDIOP3 le 31 octobre 2023


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