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has a solid classical background, he has transcended it in favor of a resolutely personal and original style.



Mathieu Schneider
flute, alto flute, bass flute, fluteR1, EWI

“Incredible”, “impressive”, “I'm speechless”... Here are some of the many comments left on the YouTube site by Internet users who have watched the “Beatboxing Flutes Loops” videos, published by Mathieu Schneider. On these stunning recordings, we discover the flautist who, using a looper, records himself in real time then replays on his own loops. Layer after layer, it transforms into a set of flutes all on its own. Even an entire orchestra, since with his single flute, he is able to marvelously imitate a bass or a set of percussions.

But as impressive as they are, these videos only represent a tiny part of the talent of the eclectic Mathieu Schneider. High-energy soloist in the electric jazz ensemble Inside Out, mischievous virtuoso in the humorous quartet Les Gais Lutrins or luxury sideman for saxophonist Georges Robert, he has also written and performed the soundtracks for various shows. A recognized and appreciated teacher, he is also a teacher at the Neuchâtel Music Conservatory, classical and jazz section, as well as at the jazz section of the Haute école de musique (HEMU) in Lausanne.

If Mathieu Schneider has a solid classical background, he has transcended it in favor of a resolutely personal and original style. Thanks to very rhythmic playing as well as vocal effects, this outstanding improviser offers a rather "muscular" approach to the instrument, which contrasts with the prettiness often criticized for jazz flautists.

In addition to the traditional C flute, this multi-talented artist also uses the alto and bass flutes. An insatiable experimenter, he was one of the first musicians in Switzerland, in 1988, to adopt the EWI (for Electronic Wind Instrument), a kind of electronic saxophone which allows you to control a synthesizer by blowing. In contrast, without a flute on a beach in Tuscany in August 2011, he cut a piece of reed with a wooden point and obtained an excellent primitive flute which connects him with the material and acoustic reality of prehistory. He shares the organic and captivating sound of this improbable instrument on stage and on the YouTube site. LeH

“Incredible“, “impressive“, “I am speachless“... These are some of the numerous comments posted of the YouTube users, having viewed the videos “Beatboxing Flutes Loops”, published by Mathieu Schneider. On these sutnning recordings, one discovers the flutist who, with the use of a “looper”, records in real time, and plays on his own loops, layer after layer. In this way, he transforms himself into a flute ensemble. With his flute, he is able to imitate a bass or a set of drums. But these videos represent only a glimpse on Mathieu Schneider’s talent. Soloist of the jazz ensemble “Inside Out”, malicious virtuoso in the humor quartet “Les Gais Lutrins” or de luxe sideman for the saxophonist Georges Robert, he has also written and interpreted the sound tracts of various shows. Recognized and praised pedagog, he is professor at the “Conservatoire de musique neuchâtelois”, in the classical and jazz departments, and in the jazz department of the “Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne” (HEMU). Possessing a solid classical background, Mathieu Schneider and transcended this into a resolutely personal and original style.

Thanks to a very rhythmic playing and the voice effects, this unparalleled improviser offers an assertive approach of the instrument, contrasting with the “lovely” way of playing often reproached to the jazz. He plays the conventional flute in C, and also alto and bass flutes. As tireless experimentalist, he was among the first musicians in Switzerland, since 1988, to adopt the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument), a sort of electronic saxophone that allows to control the breathing by computer. As opposed to this, without a flute on a beach in Tuscany in August 2011, he has made a flute out of a reed, and has obtained an excellent primitive flute, that connects him to a material and acoustic prehistorical reality. He shares his organic and spellbinding sound of this improbable instrument on stage and on youtube. TheH



from March 12 to August 29, 2020



Concert Dudu Penz RTS Festival Onze+ 2019: Dudu Penz & HEMU Jazz Orchestra
00:00 / 57:50

Montreux Jazz Festival
Paleo Festival

JazzONZE Festival
Montreal Jazz Festival

Morges-sous-Rire Festival


Flutinades Festival

Coast Flute Festival

Vully Blues Festival


Participation in jazz creations
2001 “Three kitchen pieces” by Claude Berset
2002 “The Cyclops Ball” by Daniel Perrin
2003 “Spaces of Moments” by Vincent Pellet
2004 “Jazz with straps” by Daniel Perrin
2005 “Suonare Improvvisando” by Claude Berset for baroque and jazz ensemble.
Tour in Poland: concerts at the Chopin Academy in Warsaw, Krakow Conservatory.
2006 Creation of the Ovale Trio ensemble at the “UsineSonore” Festival
2008 “Remember the Sound” by Jim McNeely with the George Robert Jazztet
Tour in Switzerland, Russia, Belgium and France. 

2016 Grand Eustache “Sounds of Babel”

2017 Grand Eustache “At Mr Antoine’s Ball”

2021 Grand Eustache “Truffaz meets Eustache”

2021 Grand Eustache “Orient Eustache”

2022 Grand Eustache “Au Tour des Cordes”

2022 Grand Eustache “The Eustache Maze”

in rehearsal “At Mr Antoine’s Ball”

Serge Kottelat on guitar

Inside Out
Tour in Canada, Kenya, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro.

Radio and television
Numerous passages with different formations
CRPLF “space 2” meeting
10th anniversary Gianadda “RTS” Foundation
Tribute to Charles Trenet at the Stravinsky Montreux “RTS” auditorium

Coastal Flute Festival “Music Kiosk” RTS

The theater
French-speaking popular theater (1982-1986)
Kléber-Mélau Theater with Antoine Auberson (1986)

Composes music for the comedian's showsVincent Kohler.
“Species 2” (1999)
“Vincent Kohler goes Camping” (2002)
“Pimpin au Pongo” (2004)
“André Klopfenstein very special correspondent” (2009)
“Famous Couples” (2010)
“One Flew Over Kohler’s Nest” (2011)

“The Band at Révox” 2017


Improvisation and spontaneous composition

Compagnie L’Ame-de-Fonds since 2013

Diamonds (2017)

Expression with an electronic instrument.
Adoption in 1988 of the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) 
Sopranino saxophone from 1990.

Alto and bass flute (2000)
Flute R1 (2011)

Inderbinen flute(2017)


Musically, this instrument is classified between the silver flute and the wooden flute. However, with the strong, warm and round sound, it is closer to a wooden flute. In the world of transverse flutes, this flute is certainly unique. The sound remains warm and dark, even at high tones. The combination of brass, steel and silver nickel silver can be played with extraordinary ease. Cut from the brass plate, the tube is welded, hammered by hand and by numerous other operations have strengthened its structure and hardness. The flute thus obtains its specific sound.

With regard to its sound, this instrument fits somewhere between a silver and a wooden flute. However, its rich, dark and round tone places it slightly closer to a wooden flute. In the flute world it is surely unique. Even in the high register the flute remains dark and warm. The combination of brass, steel, and silver-plated nickel-silver is extraordinarily free blowing. Cut out of sheet brass, the tube is soldered and hand-hammered. Several further working procedures give it a certain structure and hardness which results in a special sound quality.

The educational experience
1982-1994 Facilitator of the AJAC music camp (Sornetan)

Teaching since 1986 atmusic conservatory of La Chaux-de-Fonds (CMNE from 2006)
Since 2000, he has participated in the creation and led the jazz department of the same conservatory.
Jazz certificates awarded in his class: Nicolas Heiniger (2002) Matthieu Amiguet (2004) Nathan Baumann (2007) Virginie Jolissaint (2011) Mathieu Voisard (2011) Antoine Humberset (2013) Laetitia Matthey (2018)

Teaches to the E.J.M.A ( Lausanne)  since 1988.
Jazz certificate awarded in her class: Joséphine Maillefert (2011)

Teaches in the jazz department of the HEMU (Lausanne) from 2006
Linda JosefowskyNathan BaumannMarie-Charlotte JahnEwan DayotThibaut Martinet,  Alessandro Merlin,  Arthur Tanguy.


Prepares students for professional classes

Mathieu Voisard, Antoine Humberset.

Fragments Of Time (1994)
Dancing On A Floating Island (1996)
Idiosyncrasy (1999)
Soleil (2003)
Standissimo (2008)



The Emigrant (2018)

First forms (2008)
Blade Breath (2013)

Sand Dance (2020)

Remember the Sound (2008)

GEORGE ROBERT Jazz Orchestra Feat. Ivan Lins

Abre Alas (2012)

The Recovered Moments Project (2012)

Magic Tales (1991)

Chemical (2007)

Coup-de-Feu (1994)

Has notably played with:
The British Mark Kelly and Dave O'Higgins. Russian Arkady Shilkloper. The Italian Nino Pellegrini. The Canadians Alain Caron, Jean-Pierre Zanella, François d'Amours, Charles Papasoff, Rob Bonisolo. The French Eric Seva, Sylvain Beuf, Thierry Eliez, Francis Varis, Denis Leloup, Emil Spanyi, Jeff Beaud. The Brazilians Dudu Penz, Mauro Martins, Ivan Lins, Jimmy Kostolias. And the Swiss Matthieu Michel, Thierry Lang, John Voirol, Daniel Perrin, Popol Lavanchy, le Schindou, Ivor Malherbe, George Robert, Jeanpierre Schaller, Marcel Papaux, Malcolm Braff, Wolfgang Zwiauer, Pierre-Luc Vallet, Vinz Vonlanthen, Serge Kottelat, Alain Tissot, Eric Truffaz, Luigi Galati, Olivier Nussbaum, Vincent Kohler, Claude Berset, Stefano Saccon, Stefan Aeby, Antoine Auberson, Maurizio Bionda, Stéphanie Küffer, Carlos Bauman, Anne-Florence and Claude Schneider, Mathieu Scheubert, Chris Bovet & Tiza Brown.

Several musical encounters in Italy in Tuscany with:

“The Mustache Epidemic”Paolo Batistini guitar, Steve Lunardi violin, Tomaso Politi double bass.

“Sinedades” Erika Boschi (vocals) Agustin Cornejo (guitar) 

"GoInBa" Paolo Batistini guitar, Alessandro Golini violin, Stefano Indino accordion. 


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Matthew Schneider

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