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Alain Tissot drums

Serge Kottelat guitar

Mathieu Schneider flute

Damien Argentieri Hammond organ

2018 Inside Out changes formation, Damien Argentieri replaces Olivier Nussbaum, but on Hammond organ. From now on, the bass is provided by Damien's left hand which surprises us each time with the independence of his playing. The groove is indeed there, powerful, magical, explosive and enchanting. A delight !

next dates in spring 2022

Thursday April 28, 2022


Friday April 29, 2022

The Royal Tavannes


Saturday April 30, 2022

Le Point Jazz Courgenay


Thursday June 23, 2022 8:30 p.m.

The House of Two Lands, Gringnan (F)

Friday June 24, 2022 8:30 p.m.

Jazz Sous-Les Pins, Ailhon Ardèche (F)

Saturday June 25, 2022 8:30 p.m.

Friends of Nieigles, Nieigles Ardèche (F)

Inside Out in concert at Point Jazz in Courgenay"
April 30, 2022

Inside Out 2018



2012 Inside Out works on new concepts, in the middle of a musical laboratory


2013 - 2015 After having fun revisiting old pieces, the desire to make a concert program emerged! "Da capo ad libitum..." offers a rereading of more than 25 years of music. The public is delighted!

2010 Popol, affected by his health, rightly decides to take it easy and suggests continuing to work with another bassist. It is Olivier Nussbaum who takes up the torch. He was the bass player from the start and his integration was necessarily immediate. The story continues...


2011 But finally, on June 20, Popol goes to join the angels with his double bass, we feel a little orphaned... We are left with wonderful memories full of immense respect for everything he brought us . Thanks Popol, we’ll see you up there, that’s for sure!


Resumption of rehearsals with Olivier on electric bass and double bass, then some concerts

2006 More concerts then a short break due to the various parallel activities of the musicians


2007 Inside Out is back in action, here we go again for the concerts...


2008 In November, release of the CD Standissimo recorded in public at the Stand'été 05 Festival, club tour until the beginning of 2009

2005 Alain Tissot wrote the Standissimo suite especially for the Stand'été festival in Moutier. This re-writing of old to recent themes allowed us, among other things, to play again with faithful friends and nevertheless great musicians: Matthieu Michel, Sylvain Beuf and Eric Seva. Everything was filmed and recorded, perhaps material for a future DVD?

Tour in Kenya in October. We notably hosted a jazz workshop with the cream of local musicians with a fabulous concert to conclude. Excellent memories!

2002 Various concerts, editing and mixing of the live CD.


2003 Release of the last CD "Soleil" recorded in public. Summer tour in the Balkans.


2004 Concerts, always concerts…

2001 Popol Lavanchy replaces Jeanpierre Schaller and brings with him, in addition to his double bass, a good dose of humor and creativity, which is far from harming the atmosphere of the group, quite the contrary. This positive energy is very present during the fall tour, 2 dates of which are recorded in public.

1999 Release of the CD "Idiosyncrasy" with, as usual, 2 guests: Matthieu Michel (flugelhorn and trumpet) and Sylvain Beuf (saxes). The review is unanimous, this CD is a must.

1996 New tour in Canada and participation in the Montreal International Festival, including a memorable concert in front of 10,000 people.


1997 Jeanpierre Schaller (bass) replaces Olivier Nussbaum. Participation among others in the Montreux Jazz Festival and Jazz à la Défense in Paris.


1995 Departure of the vibraphonist, INSIDE OUT becomes a quartet and makes its first tours abroad: Canada and England. These tours allow you to meet and share the stage with notably bassist Alain Caron (UZEB, Mike Stern) and saxophonist Dave O'Higgins (Sting). The influence of these trips is very clearly felt in the new recording entitled "Dancing On A Floating Island" which will be released in spring 1996. We discover 2 other guests: John Voirol (saxes) and Denis Leloup (trombone).


1990 Olivier Nussbaum (bass) and Serge Kottelat (guitar) join the group. The first CD entitled "Magic Tales" will be released in 1992.


1993 Following the departure of the pianist, the group becomes INSIDE OUT and records its next CD "Fragments Of Time" with 2 guests: Matthieu Michel (flugelhorn and trumpet) and Thierry Lang (piano).


1985 In French-speaking Switzerland, in the Jura, creation of SEXTETT ART ENSEMBLE (SAE), a jazz-rock group composed of Mathieu Schneider (flute), Vital Frischknecht (guitar), Alexandre Nussbaum (vibraphone), Vincent Bouduban (keyboards), Jacques Bouduban (cello) and Alain Tissot (drums), musicians from diverse backgrounds, from several conservatories. The SAE quickly found success and performed at renowned festivals, to name only the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1988.


SAE Moutier live 21.04.1990 A.mp3Sextett Art Ensemble
00:00 / 46:30
SAE Moutier live 21.04.1990 B.mp3Sextett Art Ensemble
00:00 / 46:30
SAE Live Moutier 15aine A.mp3Sextett Art Ensemble
00:00 / 46:30
SAE Live Moutier 15aine B.mp3Sextett Art Ensemble
00:00 / 46:30
"SAE" au studio SAE 1991Sextett Art Ensemble
00:00 / 51:56

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