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The L@b' Flute

is a laboratory for meetings and exchanges around the creative and improvised flute.

Animated by:
Ewan Dayot
Thibault Martinet
Mathieu S



Introduction and awareness of improvisation

through jazz and beatbox.

Collective and individual games.

Directions to follow in improvisation. 

Instrumental mastery at the service of his creativity.



Expand the sound palette with technical and creative research work on the extended sounds of the flute (unconventional or contemporary sounds)

how to tame these sounds in order to integrate them into improvisation.



Increases the perception of one's own sound by integrating that of others.

Availability to better control its accuracy.



How to use and develop the cycle of fifths and different progressions.

Using tones and modes.

Harmonic sense and melodic reactivity (ear games)


Create and define your own instructions and exercises.



Improvisations on measured harmonic grids.

Management of time

Sense of build

Binary and ternary sentences (swing)

rhythm games, articulations, groove, beatbox.



Amplification of the flute, which microphone?, which amplifier?

learn how to manage and use a microphone.



how to use this machine to work and create your own arrangements.

“loop station” or looper, is an electronic device allowing you to record and loop your own musical sequences in real time.



The L@b’ Flute was born at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Jazz department. After working in a workshop format, the three musicians and friends decided to go beyond the school framework to allow this ensemble to flourish. Under the leadership of Mathieu Schneider, Ewan Dayot and Thibault Martinet, two of his former students, bring Human Beat-box and personal compositions to allow this trio to cross the boundaries of the musical world.



Mathieu Schneider is one of the most versatile flautists today. Professor at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Jazz department, he teaches improvisation, the discovery of contemporary sounds and the Jazz repertoire. He is the creator of a YouTube channel where you can admire his improvising talents on the most played standards on the transverse flute.



Ewan Dayot has been playing the flute since he was 6 years old. After studying the classical repertoire at the Nantes Conservatory, he joined the Haute Ecole de Musique, Jazz department in the class of Mathieu Schneider.

In addition to being a flautist, he practices “Human beat-box” and is increasingly in demand as a composer.

(Crome ensemble, Aperto flute ensemble!).


Thibault Martinet joined the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Jazz department after studying classical music at the Nantes Conservatory. He is the founder of the group Lady Bazaar, and is one of the most recognized Jazz flautists of his generation. He is also a producer and alto saxophonist.

He performs with the groups “Sol Family” and “Bastoun”.

The creative and improvised flute

During the second part of the 20th century, the Western Boehm flute experienced exponential development. New techniques have appeared to broaden the sound palette for the benefit of composers and improvisers. With its diversity, it has conquered all continents.
Even if the flute is not a king instrument in this field, jazz is well represented, with flautists such as Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann and James Newton. Thanks to these personalities, she found a great place.
In rock, it is Ian Anderson with the group "Jetro Tull" who highlights this color of flute "singing while playing", while resonating higher harmonics which characterize his way of playing.
With all these influences, our 21st century therefore heralds the beginning of a new page in the history of the flute. Techniques are evolving with the “beatbox flute” that the American Greg Patillo popularized, and the role of this instrument is finding a new place in current music, particularly in the hipop or electro movement.
The development of new styles of music with improvisation as a backdrop offers the flute of the future enormous and relatively virgin territory to explore.
A new generation of flautists is emerging, devoting themselves more to current and improvised music.
To write the rest, it's up to you to put your flutistic and musical skills at the service of your creativity within the framework of the Flute Lab. 


Matthew Schneider

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At the “Music Kiosk”
RTS-Coast Flute Festival 2018


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at the Nyon Conservatory
Coast Flute Festival 2018


The friendly visit and participation of French beatbox flautist Alexis Sorba  



Active workshop participants

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Ewan Dayot

Matthew Schneider

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